28 September 2016, London
‘Introducing CauseHealth’
The Person-centered Care of Medically Unexplained Symptoms, European Society for Person Centered Healthcare
5-6 September 2016, London
‘Ontology and Scientific Norms in Medicine and the Medically Unexplained’
EBM+ Workshop, UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS), University College London
13 August 2016, Ås
‘Velkommen til NMBU’
Welcome lecture for new students at NMBU, Introduction week 2016
12 May 2016, Nottingham
‘Causation in Science – The philosophical challenge’
CauseHealth Physio Conference: (The Place for) Science, Policies, and Persons in Physiotherapy, University of Nottingham
12 April 2016, Oslo
‘Evidensbasert eller Personsentrert – Et filosofisk paradigmeskifte I medisin’
Medisinsk-Filosofisk Forum, Universitetet i Oslo
11 March 2016, Oslo
Guest lecture for the PhD course VET400 Philosophy of Science, NMBU
10 February 2016, Cardiff
‘Evidence Based or Person Centered. An Ontological Debate’
Research seminar, Department of Philosophy, University of Cardiff
12-13 January 2016, Ås
‘A Conclusive Argument Against Evidence Based Policy’
CauseHealth workshop: N=1 – Causal Reasoning and Evidence for Clinical Practice, NMBU
7 January 2016, Ås
‘Kausalitet – den grunnleggende forutsetningen i balansert målstyring’
Guest lecture for the Master course Strategy Implementation and Performance Measurements, NMBU
13 November 2015, Århus
‘Causation, Complexity and Evidence in Health Sciences’
Guest lecture at the Research Seminar, University of Århus
19-20 October 2015, Bologna
‘Causation, Complexity and Evidence in Health Sciences’
International seminar: Causation in the Special Sciences, University of Bologna
16 October 2015, Oslo
Guest lecture for PhD-students, Veterinary College, NMBU
12-13 October 2015, Ås
Introducing CauseHealth
CauseHealth networking meeting, NMBU
2 September 2015, Oslo
‘Causation in scientific methods and the medically unexplained’
KNOWIT seminar, Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo
19-22 August 2015, Ghent
‘Causation in scientific methods and the medically unexplained’
Conference: Medicalisation, ESPMH – European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care, the Bioethics Institute Ghent
24-26 June 2015, Århus
‘Causation in scientific methods and the medically unexplained’
Fifth Biennial for Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice, University of Århus
18-19 June 2015, Madrid
‘Creating a new ontological foundation for person centred healthcare’
Annual Meeting of European Society for Person Centered Healthcare, Francisco de Vitoria
12 June 2015, London
‘Overnumerousness: The causal value of big data’
Workshop: Propensities, Chance, and Statistics, Institute of Philosophy, London University
29 April, Ås
‘Creating a (female) academic career path’
Workshop: Career development for women postdoctoral research fellows, NMBU
8 April, Ås
‘My FRIPRO: How to develop a research proposal from idea to deadline’
Info seminar on the new FRIPRO call, Toppforsk, the Research Unit, NMBU
20-21 April 2015, Rome
‘Dispositionalism: A dynamic theory of causation’
Workshop: Dispositions in Science, Department of Philosophy, University of Rome ‘Roma TRE’
18-21 March 2015, Konstanz
‘Causation is Not Your Enemy’
Conference: Real Possibilities, Indeterminism and Free Will, University of Konstanz
4 March 2015, Oxford
‘Causation in Medicine’
Guest lecture for Power Structuralism in Ancient Ontologies, Corpus Cristi College
20 February 2015, Madrid
‘Causation, Complexity and Evidence in Health Sciences’
Presentation for the Medical School, Francisco de Vitoria University
11 February 2015, Ås
‘CauseHealth: A new research project’
Presentation for the Faculty Board, NMBU
12 December 2014, Oslo
Korrelasjon og kausalitet
Guest lecture, Norwegian Institute of Public Health
20 November 2014, Exeter
‘A Process Theory of Causation’
Conference: Process Philosophy of Biology, Centre for the Study of Life Sciences (Egenis)
7 October 2014, Granada
‘Causation in Medicine’
Guest lecture at the Department of Philosophy, University of Granada
9 October 2014, Granada
‘Causation in Science. On the Methods of Scientific Discovery’
Conference: The Limits of Science, University of Granada
15-18 September 2014, Ås
‘For a Methodological Pluralism for the Causal Sciences’
Conference: Causation in Science – Powers, Mechanism, Singularism, NMBU
11-12 June 2014, Bergen
‘Overnumerousness. The Causal Value of Big Data’
Mini-symposium: Numbers, SVT, University of Bergen
5-6 June 2014, Barcelona
‘What We Tend to Know’
Conference: CauSci in Barcelona: Causation, Laws, Dispositions, University Autonomous Barcelona
27-28 March 2014, Lund
‘Understanding Causation by Way of Failure’
Conference: Nordic Network for Philosophy of Science 2014 meeting, Lunds Universitet
20-21 March 2014, Paris
‘Understanding Causation by Way of Failure’
Conference: The Metaphysics of Science: Causation and Natural Kinds, IHPST, Paris 1
24 February 2014, Exeter
‘It’s Not All in Your Genes: A biologically disposed theory of causation’
Exeter Biological Interest Group, EGENIS, University of Exeter
4 December 2013, Lisbon
‘Causation, Tendency and Dispositional Ontology’
Conference: Philosophy of Science in the 21st Century, Centre for Philosophy of Science, University of Lisbon
22 November 2013, Oslo
‘Hume og Kausalitetsproblemet’
Humanist, VG3, Oslo By Steinerskole
25 October 2013, Bergen
‘Causation in Scientific Method’
CauSci seminar at SVT, University of Bergen
10 October 2013, Oslo
‘Moralske valg’
Medie og Kommunikasjon, VG1, Bjørnholt Videregående Skole
12 September 2013, Lisbon
Powers, Causation and Probability
Metaphysics, Logic and Science‘, presented by Stephen Mumford
Guest lecture: Centre for Philosophy of Science, University of Lisbon
9-10 September 2013, Geneva
‘Conditional Probability from an Ontological Point of View’
Workshop: Laws, Powers and Natural Modality, University of Geneva
31 July 2013, Innsbruck
‘Powers, Causation and Probability’
Conference: The Ontological Commitments of Dispositionalism, Innsbruck
20-21 June 2013, Bergen
‘Causation and Probability’
Philosophy of Science International Colloquium, Universitetet i Bergen
4 June 2013, Trondheim
‘Kausalitet, determinisme og fri vilje’
Vitenskapsteoretisk forum, NTNU
22-24 April 2013, Uppsala
‘Causation in Science’
Nordic Network for Philosophy of Science, 1st workshop
16 April 2013, Ås
‘A New Argument Against Compatibilism’
‘Power to Will’, presented by Stephen Mumford
The Metaphysics of Free Will, UMB
8 March 2013, Ås
Kvinnelige forskere i farta – feiring av Likestillingsprisen, UMB
2 March 2013, Utrecht
‘Free Will and Modality’
Causation & Agency in our Indeterministic World, Indeterminism Ltd.
4 October 2012, Lund
‘Causation in Science: An interdisciplinary research project’
What is inter-disciplinary success?, Lund Universitet
13 September 2012, Tromsø
‘Kausalitet og ansvar’
Justisias Døtre, Faglig nettverk for kvinnelige jurister
4 September 2012, Ås
‘Getting Chances from Powers’
Causation in Physics: Modality, Temporality and Reduction, UMB
4 July 2012, Paris
‘Dispositions and Ethics’
Ethics and Personal Dispositions, Paris – Sorbonne University IV
4 June 2012, Granada
‘The Power to Will: Getting Freedom from Powers’
Dispositions Workshop, University of Granada
2 June 2012, Granada
‘Getting Causes from Powers’
PhD-seminar, University of Granada
21 March 2012, Oslo
‘A pill for nicer colleagues. Reductionist thinking about causation in modern medicine’
Café Scientifique, Limelight Bar at Grand Hotel
3 March 2012, Ås
‘Kommunikasjon og risiko’
Alumnitreff for innovasjon og entreprenørskap, UMB
28 February 2012, Ås
‘CauSci – Et tverrfaglig prosjekt om kausalitet i vitenskapen’
Statsråd Tora Aaslands besøk ved UMB, UMB
25 January 2012, Ås
‘Why correlation is not even part of causation’
UMB PhilSci Forum, UMB
1 December 2011, Bergen
‘Causation in Science’
Filosofikafeen Hybris, Universitetet i Bergen
18 November 2011, Oslo
‘Why correlation is not part of causation’
NOFE XIX Norwegian Conference of Epidemiology: ‘Assessing Causality in Theory, Practice and Health Policy’
18 October 2011, UMB
‘A biologically disposed theory of causation’
CauBio – Causation and Complexity in Biology and Beyond, CauSci and Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)
14 July 2011, Köln
‘A Dispositional Theory of Causation’
Philosophisches Kolloquium: Universität zu Köln
28-30 April 2011, St. Louis
‘Understanding Causation by Way of Failure’
Workshop: Putting Powers to Work, St. Louis University
4-5 March, Madrid
‘A Dispositional Theory of Causation’
Workshop: Causality, Inference and Science
28 September 2010, Trondheim
‘Kausalitet og Disposisjoner’
Vitenskapsteoretisk forum, NTNU
22-23 September 2010, Paris
‘With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: On Causation and Responsibility’
Automaticity and Personal Dispositions Workshop, University of Sorbonne IV
August 2010, Turku
‘Causal Production Without Necessitation’
Workshop: The Metaphysics of Causality, Causal Powers and Dispositions, University of Turku
25-27 August 2010, Tampere
‘Causation, Dispositions and Modality’
Conference: Monism, Pluralism, and Metaphysics, University of Tampere
15 June 2010, Ås
‘Modelling Causes as Vectors’
Workshop: Computational Systems Biology: Models, Methods, Meaning, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)
4 May 2010, Bergen
‘Causal Dispositionalism’
SVT – Senter for Vitenskapsteori, University of Bergen
6 April 2010, Oslo
‘How and why to use Twitter to promote one’s institution – A very brief introduction’
CSMN – Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature
25 March 2010, Oslo
‘What’s wrong with logic’
Language and Rationality Seminar, CSMN – Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature
22-23 March 2010, Oslo
‘Dispositional Modality’ and ‘Counterfactual Dependence versus Causal Dispositionalism’, both with Stephen Mumford
Dispositions workshop, CSMN – Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature
27 February 2010, Tromsø
‘Svar ja eller nei uten å betenke deg – om sannhetens uendelige modifikasjoner’
Lørdagsuniversitetet, Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromsø
3 Februar 2010, Oslo
‘Kausalitet og Disposisjoner’
Seminaret i vitenskapsteori, Universitetet i Oslo
10-12 December 2009, Oslo
‘A Biologically Disposed Theory of Causation’
PSBio conference Biological Explanation: Systems, Levels and Causes
23 November 2009, Granada
Modelling Causes as Vectors‘ and ‘Counterfactuals, Preventions and Absences’
Dispositions workshop
18 November 2009, Nottingham
‘Philosophy of Science – an introduction’
Graduate School Research Training Programme, University of Nottingham
‘Primitive Modality’, Oxford Powers: Their Grounding and Their Realisation, University of Oxford
‘Causal dispositionalism’, Granada Metaphysics of Science Workshop, University of Granada
‘Modelling causes as vectors’, Grenoble Métaphysique de la Science. Philosophie, Langages & Cognition, Université Pierre Mendès-France
‘Confessions of a radical contextualist: Why I cannot give up on this thing called literal meaning’, Nottingham Research seminar, Department of philosophy, University of Nottingham
‘The paradoxes of conditional probability’, Kent Causality Study Fortnight, international conference, University of Kent
‘Powers and Causation’, Tromsø Potentiality Workshop, University of Tromsø
‘Powers as Causal Truthmakers’, Durham Powers, Causation and Laws, St. John’s College, Durham
‘Powers as truthmakers of causal claims’, Münster Metaphysics of Science Workshop, organised by Zentrum für Wissenschaftstheorie, University of Münster.
‘All men are animals – But what does it really mean?’, Bristol Joint Session, the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association, University of Bristol
‘Causation and Context’, Lund Metaphysics of Science Workshop, University of Lund
‘Causation and Context’, Tromsø Rethinking Causation, University of Tromsø
‘Context, Meaning and Truth’, Trondheim The semantic/pragmatic distinction: Minimalism versus contextualism, Department of Linguistics, NTNU
‘Steve Talbott’s ‘Logic, DNA, and Poetry’, Tromsø GenØk – Centre for Biosafety, University of Tromsø
Språklig kommunikasjon som høyrisikosport’, Tromsø Lørdagsuniversitetet, Tromsø
‘If and Because’, Isegran PhD-seminar, University of Oslo
‘A Solution to the Paradox of Indicative Conditionals’, St. Louis Annual meeting of Society for Exact Philosophy (SEP), Washington University, St. Louis
‘Conditionals and Truth Functionality’, Lethbridge Mistakes of Reason: A conference in honour of John Woods, University of Lethbridge
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