Areas of research

Philosophy of science: causation in scientific methods, philosophical bias in science, evidence and evidence base in science and society, barriers and solutions for interdisciplinary collaborations and experts in teams

Philosophy of medicine: person centred healthcare, evidence-based frameworks, evidence hierarchy, evidential pluralism

Ethics: research ethics, ethics in medicine, free will, determinism, responsibility

Metaphysics: causation, powers, dispositions, propensity, tendencies, emergence

Philosophy of logic: modality, conditionals, probability, truth functionality, logicism

Philosophy of language: conditionals, implicatures, meaning, pragmatics versus semantics

Trans-disciplinary research and research networks

CauseHealth – Causation, Complexity and Evidence in Health Sciences, funded by FRIPRO, NMBU 2015-2019

CauseHealth Pharmacovigilance, funded by WHO’s Uppsala Monitoring Centre, NMBU 2018-2021

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Photo: UMC, 40th anniversary conference, WHO Uppsala Monitoring Centre

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